Hello I'm Jacqueline... 20 year old college student on her way to a successful healthy lifestyle.SW: 385lbs 1/9/13EW: 321lbs 12/31/13-64lbs in 2013SW: 321lbs 1/2/14CW: 314 6/8/2014

Hay y’all I’m still here, just super busy with my internship, job and freelancing stuff. This summer is so crazy but I’m still in this. I’m not on the couch with potatoes chips lol I’m on the move. My birthday was this past weekend and I’m celebrating it next week and I can’t wait to wear my dress I bought. Deffinitly different from the blue one and the one I the picture about wasn’t it but wait on it lol I’m killing this confidence lately. Feeling good in the skin I’m in for once! 💋

winobot said:
Hi! I don't have a question I just stumbled across your blog and good for you!!! Last year I decided to make some changes myself, went from 270 to 205. I made changes to the amounts I was eating and try to only have water. I also decided to try running. I used the "couch 2 5k" app. It's a free app and it worked really well for just building stamina and keeping me in check for how long I would be jogging. I wish you success in life and keep up the great work!

Hii!! Thank you, and great success that you have had as well. I’m gonna check out that app! Thanks again and best of luck to you in the future.

Idk how to message you-but to answer your question on your last post, here to is. First off, sadly to say, you can't target area when trying to lose fat. But, good news, if you want to shred body fat add hiit cardio to your workouts 4 days a week or so and drink a gallon of water a day. You can look up videos on YouTube. Hope this helps :) good luck, and great work. You're inspiring.

Thanks a lot, definitely going to try that out!



My birthday celebration is in one month and I really love this dress sooooo target for these 4 weeks is this gut…it’s gotta go, totally not cute

Any ideas to aid this challenge?

I’d say for at least a month you will need to cut all fat, carbs and sugar from your diet and do a lot of cardio. Drink a lot of green tea and eat green veggies.

Thank u!!

jodie-c said:
You are an inspiration.

Thank you so much!!! This makes me so happy.

So following you because I plateau all the time as well. And your blog has good shit! Like that reblog of how to make your own salad dressing.

Thank you! Deff following you back as well. And yeah homemade salad dressing is the best lol

My birthday celebration is in one month and I really love this dress sooooo target for these 4 weeks is this gut…it’s gotta go, totally not cute

Any ideas to aid this challenge?



Last Years Success!!!

5’ 10”

Before: 385lbs

After (pictured): 321lbs


Current in 2014: 316lbs

Follow me I’ll follow back I like using other people stories to fuel my motivation


Lunch 😍

Anonymous said:
Wow, you look so fantastic! I feel so inspired by how far you've come and how dedicated you are :) you are so beautiful and strong, I believe in you and think you are incredible! x

:) :) :) this just made me so happy, thank you!!!! your amazing!!





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OMG!!! everyone should make their own salad dressing its super easy and cuts out all the weird preservatives and poop turds (lol jk) in premade dressings. 

Healthblr problems…


When you make a salad with sliced almonds and once you mix it, all the almonds fall to the bottom of the bowl….

Sigh, life…